Save 25% on Purity Coffee

Save 25% on Purity Coffee

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Purity Coffee Discount

It’s very important to us as a family to maintain a healthy lifestyle. We really like to pay attention to what we put into our bodies. When we came across Purity Coffee we were super excited to give it a try. Why? Well, it is a coffee that is organic, Certified mold-free, and certified mycotoxin free which should help if anyone has tummy issues. It’s Consciously crafted for health and that is something we are all about!!!

Purity Coffee uses high-quality organic arabica beans from around the world. They do a toxic screening and less than 1% of the world’s beans meet their standards. They test all their beans for pesticides, mycotoxins, and contaminants and they only select beans that are free from those impurities.

Our favorites from Purity Coffee are the Protect blend and the Calm blend.

Purity Coffee Protect

Purity Coffee Travel coffee

Purity Protect is a light-medium roast, very high in CGA, with sweet citrus characteristics.

Purity Protect follows a profile laid out in the scientific literature and hits several points that have been proven to be critical. Purity searched for a coffee that they believe could reflect the science for liver health.

  1. High chlorogenic acid levels, but balanced by sugars in the coffee, so that the coffee is sweet, flavorful, and clean-tasting.
  2. This specific single origin from Colombia is processed via a “honeyed process” allowing the natural coffee fruit sugars to deliver a very drinkable coffee, since the science encourages 3-5 cups of coffee a day.

Purity Coffee Calm

Purity coffee Travel packet Decaf

Purity Calm is their decaf.

Purity takes their decaf seriously because they want to honor those of you who love coffee and want to drink it for both pleasure and health benefits, but do not want the caffeine that naturally occurs in coffee. Purity CALM is made of the same highly vetted coffee they use in their other blends, and they send the coffee direct from the farm to the Swiss Water® decaffeination facility in Canada. The proprietary Swiss Water® Process (SWP) yields a coffee that is more than 99.9% caffeine free, which is the best in the industry. In addition, their roasting partner makes sure to clear the roasters of any leftover regular coffee before doing a run of Purity CALM and roasts the decaf to a level that retains the chlorogenic acids (CGA) and a balance of sweetness and subdued acidity. The result is the highest quality decaf on the market: Specialty grade, certified organic, Rainforest Alliance, Smithsonian Bird Friendly, regeneratively farmed and SWP decaffeinated.

Travel Packs

We also love both of those blends in their travel packs. The travel packs are great when you are on the road. All you need is a cup of hot water and a few minutes.

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