Jenna Second Chance Racing Feature

Meet Jenna Second Chance Racing Feature

Jenna is a warrior who suffered a major spinal cord injury in an accident before she was a year old. Her ‘central cord syndrome’ leaves her with extreme mobility difficulties – especially in her arms. “Experts” forecasted she’d be completely immobile and wheelchair-bound for life – but with unmatched determination, Jenna continues to exceed doctor expectations. Jenna recently walked 150 feet unassisted! Earlier this year she completed her first Spartan race with the help of her amazing family and volunteers from @moreheartthanscarsofficial. Jenna completed 3 Spartan races in 2022!! Her favorite part of OCR is the encouraging community! ❤️‍🩹

2C Racing founder @2c_ocr says: “I recently had the absolute honor of being on the support crew for Jenna’s final Spartan of 2022. The joy on her face, her bravery & sheer will, and the way she encouraged other people continuously throughout the race almost brought me to tears SEVERAL times. She embodies everything that I wanted 2C racing to be about, and people like her are the true heartbeat of sports.”

Check out Jenna’s Feature video on Second Chance Racing Instagram account.

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