FittHeaven – 2cRacing feature

Not all “life obstacles” are the same. For Heaven aka FITTHEAVEN, it’s been a long journey of extreme weight loss. Her journey began in 2016 when she reached nearly 400 pounds. Heaven says “I knew it was time to make big changes when I found & met my birth father.” Throughout her journey, she used bariatric surgery as a tool to catapult her weight loss & also had excess skin surgically removed after reaching her goals. “One of the biggest challenges was realizing it’s more than the number on the scale & how much of a mental battle it can be… causing additional exhaustion on the body.”

FittHeaven Feature

Today she’s down approximately 200 pounds & more importantly… lives an adventurous life full of activity, sports, and travel while inspiring others to make healthy physical and mental changes. Join her at a marathon, fitness competition, or Spartan race this year!

Check out her feature video on Second Chance Racing Instagram account.

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