Discount on red light therapy

Red light therapy is a huge part of our recovery and we have a discount on Icaro red light therapy products. Icaro wants to help you prepare, perform, and recover by bringing you the best-infrared technologies in a flexible and portable product. Use it almost anywhere!

A major advantage of Icaro’s infrared recovery pad is that it’s portable and flexible. This means it’s easier to travel with and use on almost any body part. Unlike most other red light therapy products on the market, it is flexible and not rigid.

Red light therapy Icaro

Why red light therapy?

Red light therapy (RLT) is well-documented in the physical therapy industry for its healing properties. It is known for increasing blood flow, post-workout recovery, injury prevention, and more. Yet RLT is a fairly new technology, so best practices for its use are limited.

The team at Icaro has created a solution. Icaro’s photobiomodulation therapy device helps increase blood flow. It stimulates the mitochondria in cells. RLT also increases the production of nitric oxide involved in vasodilation, this results in numerous health and wellness applications from recovery to improved cognitive function.

Get your Icaro light recovery pad here and save 15% using code ‘2CTRI’.

Icaro Red light therapy

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