Discount code on Enzymedica

Discount code on Enzymedica

Use the discount code 2CTRI to save 25% on Enzymedica products.

Why Enzymedica?

Enzymedica is the number one seller of digestive enzymes in the United States.

For over 24 years, Enzymedica has been leading the way with scientifically-backed digestive enzymes & health supplements. These supplements are proven to help your body digest food better and improve overall health. With a focus on purity and quality, Enzymedica has won numerous awards.

What are Enzymes?

Enzymes are the biologically active proteins that help chemical reactions happen in our bodies. There are two kinds of enzymes, metabolic and digestive. Metabolic helps overall health and digestive enzymes help turn food into energy. Every part of our bodies needs enzymes to function.

Metabolic enzymes are used to speed up the chemical reactions in our cells that keep us alive. Digestive enzymes break down food into nutrition and waste. While the food we eat contains digestive enzymes, it does not contain enough to digest everything we eat on its own. This is where Enzymedica body enzymes and supplements fill in the gap.

Our Favorite Enzymedica Products

Digest Gold plus probiotics

With a 2-in-1 formula including all the benefits of Digest Gold™ and probiotics, it’s easy to get your gut back on track. Enzymes boost digestion, while a daily dose of 1.5 billion probiotic cultures supports immune health, supports regularity, and brings balance back to the gut. Get the strongest support for the biggest benefit for a healthy gut and vibrant health!


The enzymes in GlutenEase are specially designed to break down both gluten and casein, digesting them before they can cause issues like occasional gas and bloating. GlutenEase gives those with gluten intolerance greater freedom.

Enzymedica Motion

ATA Mg® paired with magnesium malate and magnesium glycinate work to support the body and the mind. This synergistic trio soothes daily aches and promotes healthy muscle function and recovery. It also supports healthy bones and cardiovascular function.


By using the enzyme nattokinase, Natto-K is able to promote optimal circulation and cardiovascular health. Natto-K helps maintain normal levels of blood clotting factors already within a healthy range and promotes optimal circulation and cardiovascular health.


Lacto is packed with the enzymes lactase and protease to help break down problem-causing lactose and casein. It provides the ultimate support for dairy intolerances. With the right help, you can go back to enjoying the dairy products you love.

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies taste delicious and deliver all the benefits you want from ACV. This supports healthy weight loss, digestion, healthy blood sugar, and much more.

Discount code on Enzymedica

All information regarding products was taken from the Enzymedica website. You can find further research and information there as well.

Make sure you use the coupon code 2CTRI to save 25% off your order.

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