Coupon Code for Bonk Breaker Nutrition

Coupon Code for Bonk Breaker Nutrition

Save 20% on all Bonk Breaker products using the coupon code 2CRACING.

Bonk Breaker

Bonk Breaker Nutrition is real food made to help fuel your next adventures. They are perfect for any sporting activities including some of our favorites running, swimming, biking, triathlons, and obstacle course racing.


The name, Bonk Breaker, comes from a simple philosophy: A well-fueled athlete is less likely to hit the wall (or “bonk”), and great-tasting nutrition is key to eating enough. If you’re going to pummel your body day in and day out, you may as well pummel your taste buds with something you enjoy.

Save 20% on Bonk Breaker

“Suffernot the sufferfest,” as we like to say.

Bonk Breaker sticks to gluten-free, real food ingredients and throwback flavors like Cookies and Cream, Apple Pie, or PB&J. NO dryness, blandness, or messiness – guaranteed.

Since Jason launched the first PB&J, the roster has grown to include more flavors, along with Energy Chews and Protein Bars to power performance and recovery. But the original Energy Bar remains the ultimate yardstick:

  • All the real food nutrition you need to perform
  • All the goodness of your mom’s PB&J
  • None of the other stuff

They have nutrition for before activity, during activity, and post activity. Use promo code 2CRACING to save 20% on your order.

Bonk Breaker Energy Bars

Bonk Breaker energy bars are perfect for before activity and during activity. They are a 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio. A perfect balance of quick and sustained energy. Our favorite Bonk Breaker energy bars are Peanut butter & jelly, cookies & cream, and peanut butter & dark chocolate chip. Save 20% on Bonk Breaker Energy bars with code 2CRACING.

Bonk Breaker Energy Chews

Bonk Breaker Energy Chews are perfect during activity. They are delicious bite-sized bursts of energy. They come in six different flavors. Try Root Beer or Cola for an extra kick of green tea caffeine. You can’t go wrong with any of the chews. They are all amazing!!! Use discount code 2CRACING to save 20%.

Bonk Breaker Protein Bars and Collagen Bars

Bonk Breaker protein bars and collagen bars are best for post-activity. REAL, easy-to-digest ingredients to aid in post-workout recovery. The protein bars have 11g of plant-based protein for sustained energy. The Collagen bars are made with pasture-raised collagen protein and grass-fed whey. Get all your Bonk Breaker products here and save 20% using code 2CRACING.

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